February 22, 2012

Fashion Books: Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Fashion books are really interesting if you love fashion and there are a lot of them out there. I own a few and I thought I'd be nice to show you my favorite ones since I feel like they're fun to read and at the same time, teach a lot about fashion.

Celebrities make fashion books also. The book that I'm showing you today is Influence, written by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. These two girls are very successful in the fashion business: they design, they inspire, they work a lot, and they write.

Most of the book is filled with interviews Mary-Kate and Ashley did to many important people from the fashion industry; designers, photographers, writers, artists...

It also contains beautiful photos from photoshoots, pictures they've taken, fashion inspiration boards (kind of), and some others that are very artistic and cool. I love going through them, just looking at them.

The interviews are really interesting to read and both Ashley and Mary-Kate write about where their inspiration comes from, their influences (and that's why the book is called Influence, I guess) and what they think about other people's work and lives, and how this affected them (fashion wise). 

I'm in love with this double page

It's a good book to have if you are interested in the fashion world.

Aren't those sunglasses amazing?

Do you like reading fashion books? If you have some that you love, please tell me because I'd like to read them too :)