September 27, 2011

Going Out Look

I went out last Saturday with my friends and I thought I'd show you what I wore to give you guys some ideas (even though it's a pretty simple look).

(please ignore that random night stand in the back, we're about to throw it away)

Shirt: Forever 21
Bandeau: ASOS
Skirt: Forever 21
Gold cuff bracelet: Forever 21
Necklace: Marc Jacobs
Rest of the jewelry: Forever 21, Macy's, Swatch, random stores

My sister took this picture while I was retouching my hair and I thought it was kinda cool. I left my house with those ballet flats but after I met my friends I changed shoes; these are the ones I ended up wearing:

As for makeup:

Face: Dream Mat Powder and Pure Cover Mineral Concealer (both by Maybelline)
Eyes: Duo Eyeshadow in the color Victorian Pink (by Clinique), the Colossal Volume Express waterproof mascara (by Maybelline), Slide on eyeliner in Jet Black (by NYX)
Lips: Minty Lipgloss in the color New York City (by Elf)

September 25, 2011

someone gave me a blog award? :)

I just found out I was awarded with both the "tell me about yourself award" and the "Liebster Blog" by the amazing Nicole ;check out her blog cause it's great :) And thank you so much for this, because it makes my day when someone writes a comment or tells me that they like my blog <3

So basically what I have to do is write 7 random facts about myself and then pass the award to other girls/blogs.
Here are my facts:

1. I'm scared of balloons. Yeah, i know it's weird and a little embarrassing, but balloons freak me out.
2. I love, love, love gum. If it were for me I'll be chewing gum constantly, but unfortunately, my jaw hurts after a while (which makes sense).
3. My favorite Starbucks drink is caramel frapuccino; i don't care if it's winter, that's probably what i'll order.
4. I've been watching CSI since I was 11. Even though they've had so many episodes, they are all different and great. I love it
5. I don't like public transportation even though I use it every day.
6. I spend most of the time I'm at home in the computer. Blogging, watching tv shows, youtube videos...and the list goes on.
7. I use lipgloss/lipbalm way too much. I carry about 3 to 5 different lip products in my purse so I can use more than one during the day.

Blogs I'm giving the award to (I know I'm supposed to give the award to 15 other people, but since I don't want to repeat and give it to people who already have it, I'm just doing 7):

Ariel: (who already has the Liebster Blog award)

September 24, 2011

Nail of the day #3

Today, I'm wearing what looks like a normal red from the distance; but if you look closely, you see that it actually has sparkles in it. It's glitter but not the chunky one, this nail polish has very small glitter inside it, but it's not only glitter (what I mean by this is that it gives color just like a normal nail polish).

It's a NYX nail polish in the color "heart". Here's a picture:

It's taken indoors, but close to a  window (that's why there's so much light). I was going to take another one in natural light outdoors, but today it's a very sunny day where I live and it was too bright to even show a close color to the real one. 
The picture I just showed you still looks a little bright; but just so you can get a closer thought about what it looks like, the color on the bottle is the right one.

This one looks better (closer to real color) but since I wasn't happy with these, I took this other picture, in which you can see the color and the glitter:

Hope you liked it :)

September 20, 2011

Slide on, glide on by NYX

I bought 3 of the new Slide On, Glide On eyeliners by NYX and I have to admit that I'm in love.

They claim to be smooth, and they are; you don't need to press them against your skin for them to show up prefectly. They're also very creamy (which helps to slide) and very pigmented.
It also says they're waterproof. I have to be honest and tell you that I bought them thinking that they were going to be easy to remove; but when I tried to remove the swatches from my arm I realized that they were actually waterproof and I had to apply a lot of pressure with make up remover wipes for them to go away.

Here are some swatches in artificial (first picture) and natural light (second picture):

Colors: glitzy gold, jet black, tropical green

Colors: glitzy gold, jet black, tropical green

Conclusion: I recommend them to all of you and they have a lot of different colors that you can get. If I buy some more in the future, I'll do another post to show them to all of you.

Thank you for reading! :)

September 19, 2011

Nail of the day #2

Today I'm wearing a reddish pink nail polish. It is "blazing pink" by Dior.

In real life looks a little deeper than it does on camera, and since it looks different I took two pictures instead of one.
The first one is indoors, with artificial light and flash:

This second one is taken outdoors in natural light, and this is more of what it actually looks like (but lighter):

I really love this color; it's one of my favorite nail polishes.
Also I have to say that I'm wearing two coats but if you apply one it looks just fine; the quality is great.

September 13, 2011

Nail of the day #1 - Purple Glitter Nails

I'm currently loving glitter nail polishes and 2 weeks ago (sort of) I bought OPI's "I Lily Love You" which is a thick glitter nail polish (meaning that it actually has glitter chunks) with a pink/purple base to it.

Since the color is not very opaque I had to paint my nails with another nail polish before applying the glitter one.

As a base, I used Kiko's 330; which is a light violet color:

And here's the final look after I applied the OPI nail polish:

September 08, 2011

must have: Heat protectant

I'm sure most of you already know (if not everyone) how important is to protect your hair with a heat protectant. Here's my favorite one that I use every other day (because that's when I wash my hair):

Things I like about it:
  • This one is great because you can use it when you're going to blow dry your hair, straighten it, cur it...It works for tools that heat up to 230ºC / 446F. 
  • It has UV filter.
  • It has a lock on top so it doesn't spray out if you're carrying it in a suitcase, and it prevents spray accidents.
  • Great amount of product: 300 mL
  • it's not pricey: it cost me 7.80€ at El Corte Inglés (where I usually buy it) but I've seen it at 6€ at some other places.
How I use it:
  • If i'm going to blow dry my hair first: I spray it when my hair is towel wet and then I blow dry it right after. 
  • If i'm going to straighten it: I spray it when my hair is towel wet, let it air dry, and then use the flat iron. I know some people spray it on dry hair but that makes my hair greasy, so if your hair is naturally greasy, i wouldn't recommend to do that.
  • If i'm going to curl my hair: I always straighten my hair before I curl it, so I'd do what I said before and then, the morning after, i'd spray just a little to the tips of my hair (cause i don't want my hair to look greasy) and then, curl it.
tip for greasy hair: don't spray it on your roots.

September 04, 2011

Fall Trends

 First of all, I want to say that this post shows my own personal take on fall trends. When I go through actual stores or online stores and I see something repeatedly, I consider that an upcoming trend.

9.95€ - H&M

13.75€ - Forever 21

19.95€ - H&M

24 pounds - Topshop 

40 pounds - Topshop

58 pounds - Topshop

I love this trend because it continues summer's biggest trend: nautical. And I don't know if you realized, but the third top is the same I showed you on my haul but in a different color. As you can see, the width, color, texture or print of the stripe doesn't matter. 

My favorite item: the half sequin top from Topshop. It's just beautiful, and I'm probably going to buy it. It's just gorgeous and I love how the stripes gradually change width and the sheer sleeves.

Dark red:
12.44€ - Forever 21

19.75€ - Forever 21

53.84€ - Motel (found at ASOS)

20 pounds - Miss Selfridge

25 pounds - Miss Selfridge

28 pounds - Miss Selfridge

Any dark red color is going to be a huge success this fall; and it will work in fashion and beauty. Dark red eyeshadows and dark red nails are very pretty and will look great.

My favorite item: the tank top from Miss Selfridge. I love how it crosses in the back and also looks very light weight, which I love.

Ankle Boots:

59.95€ - H&M

69.95€ - Zara

75.95€ - Zara

68 pounds - Topshop

45.95€ - Zara

This is my favorite trend out of them all, and also the biggest one. Every store that I go or look at has ankle boots, either flat, with a wedge, or heel. I love ankle boots, as you know I already bought a pair, and I'm going to buy at least 2 more pairs. I think they're great for fall and winter since they cover your whole foot, so it'd be great if I can buy a couple more.

My favorite item: dark red suede ankle boots by Topshop. They cover 2 of these trends and are very fashion forward and pretty. I love the platform and the heel, and I think they'll be perfect to go out at night. 

September 03, 2011

H&M and Stradivarius haul!

This morning I went shopping to H&M and Stradivarius and here's what I bought:

Scarf from H&M - 9.95€
I love scarves, so when I saw this one I had to buy it. It could go along with the tribal trend even though it's not one of my favorites; but for some reason (and you'll realized pretty soon) I'm loving brown colors for this fall.

Oversized top from H&M - 19.95€
This top looks huge on the hanger and it's pretty big even though it's a size "small", so I'm going to wear it with a skinny belt around the waist to make it look preppier.

Wedge booties from H&M - 39.95€ 
These booties are my absolute favorite item from this haul. The wedge is not too tall (8.5 cm) so that's great cause I'm planning on wearing them to class and I don't want to look like a giant.

Metal ring from H&M - 4.95€ 
My mom didn't like this ring when I showed it to her, but I love it. If you see it from the front side, the top is kinda flat and looks almost as a mirror.

Bracelet from H&M - 2.95€
I do not like snake prints and all that kind of stuff, but this bracelet looks very cute on and I just had to buy it (it was also VERY cheap as you can see).

Trench coat from Stradivarius - 59.95€ 
This kind of trench coats give a very preppy vibe with every outfit, so I think it's perfect for me. I also love the color (you've realized already). I've been wearing this kind of coat since I was very little but there was this period of time when I stopped liking it; somehow, the love is back.

Elastic pants from Stradivarius - 22.95€
I never thought I was going to buy any tight pants but it looks very pretty on, and it's perfect to wear it with boots this fall/winter. The color is chocolate brown, even though this photo looks a little different.

I hope you liked it and maybe got some ideas for fall fashion :)