November 11, 2014

ASOS Wishlist | Autumn fashion

asos wishlist autumn fall fashion

I love ASOS and I'm pretty sure a lot of you do too! I browse the website way too often, so I always find great things I wish I could buy, but can't because I have something similar, it's too expensive, or simply because I don't really need it.

Here are some of my picks for my ASOS fall/autumn wishlist:

2. New Look duster coat (it also comes in black!): €49.75

Is there anything on the ASOS website you love and I should know about?


November 04, 2014

Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick 25 | Review and swatch

Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick 25
Today I wanted to review the Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick in the number 25. I bought this recently and I was not expecting to like it as much as I do, so in the hopes that someone reads and discovers a new favorite, here I go.

The real reason why I looked at it in the first place is because the sales assistant was helping someone else so I had to wait to pay for my stuff, which meant looking at something pretending I was interested. I came across the shadow stick section, which I've never been a huge fan of, but I found this color (called Light Taupe on the website) and I really liked it. I swatched it on my hand and when I was going to smudge it clean, it wouln't move!

I'm not a huge fan of shadow sticks because they tend to smudge and crease on my lids, but this one is so long lasting it stays put for many hours! (claiming 8h, which I haven't tried yet). The color is also great for everyday wear, but they have a great selection if you want something different.

You can buy it at Kiko stores all over Europe or on their website, selling for 6.90€ or £6.90 in the UK. 

Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick 25

October 28, 2014

L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pure Reds: Blake | Review and swatch

L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pure Reds: Blake
I'm always on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick and, althought I already have a few that I love, I couldn't not buy this one. L'Oreal released recently a collection of pure red lipsticks inspired by some celebrities in the same concept as their nude lipsticks line. 

Blake's (Blake Lively) lipstick from the L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pure Reds is a slightly pink toned red with blue undertones, which is perfect if you want your teeth to appear whiter.

L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pure Reds: Blake
I don't know if this shade would be everyone's favorite, but I do recommend heading over to your local drugstore and taking a look at the collection because they most likely have a red that you'll love.

In terms of lasting power, I'd say it's nothing special: it would smuge if you eat/drink and you might have to reapply throughout the day, but it will last longer if you do two layers and blot/set it when you firt apply it.

L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pure Reds: Blake

October 24, 2014

My Makeup Collection and Storage | 2014

I uploaded my makeup collection to my YouTube channel a few days ago, so here's the link for all of you as well.

I didn't think I would be doing a makeup collection cause I've never been happy with the way it's setup and all of that, but since I'm moving soon, I wanted to do it before it was too late (I can't really bring my whole makeup collection with me).

Watch below:


October 17, 2014

MAC Lipstick in Diva | Review and swatch

MAC Lipstick in Diva | Review and swatch
I have been wanting to buy Diva by MAC since last year but for some reason (probably because I bought too many lipsticks) I never got around to it. It seems like this year it's going to be just as popular, or even more, so I decided to go ahead and make a trip to my closest MAC counter before I started buying other lipsticks. It's all just a cycle, really.

As you can see, it looks really dark on the tube but it's not as intimidating when you wear it. If you're into wearing dark lipsticks, this shade of burgundy is most likely perfect for you. It's also a matte formula, which I have been really liking this year, and it's up to MAC standards as far as longlasting/pigmentation/hydration goes.

You can get it at MAC counters or MAC stores, or at their online website for £15.50 in the UK, 19.50€ in Spain or $16 in the US.
MAC Lipstick in Diva | Review and swatch

October 14, 2014

Batiste dry shampoo Medium and Brunette | Review

Batiste dry shampoo Medium and Brunette
I bought the Batiste dry shampoo in Medium and Brunette on my most recent trip to London. I had heard people talking about it and I decided to give it a go. I initially wanted to get the darkest shade they have since my hair is dark brown, but they were out of it so I got this one instead.

It is a great alternative to the original one if you have brown hair and you struggle with white residue whenever you use dry shampoo. Batiste makes the best dry shampoos (in my opinion) and this one is no different, the quality is the same as the other ones.

On the photo you can see what color it actually comes out when you spray it: an ashy brown color. If you have light brown hair, this is perfect for you. If you have dark brown hair, you should probably go for the darker shade (this one would work just fine if you work the product into your roots, but I reckon the other would work better).

The range includes one for blondes, two shades of brown (this one and a darker one) and a red head shade. You can find it at Boots for £3.99.


October 10, 2014

Kiko Ace of Diamond lipstick 27 | Review and swatch

Kiko Ace of Diamond lipstick 27
After hearing a lot of people (specially Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup) talk about this lipstick, and knowing how much I love my dark lipsticks, I decided I should go ahead and buy the Kiko Ace of Diamond lipstick in the number 27, which is from their Autumn 2014 collection. 

First things first, the packaging is stunning! It comes in this metallic slash mirrored tube that is gorgeous and it feels so much more expensive than it actually is. That sold me on it already.

Kiko Ace of Diamond lipstick 27
If we talk about the liptick itself, it's a really pretty dark plum color, perfect for autumn and winter; and, something that I wasn't expecting, it's a matte formula! I've been a lot into matte lipsticks at the moment, so this made it even better.

It applies really nice, although I do wish the tip of the lipstick was more rounded so I could get go the corners easier. Here's a swatch of what it looks like:

And the price tag? It retails for 7.90€ in Spain and £7.90 in the UK.

Kiko Ace of Diamond lipstick 27

October 03, 2014

September Favorites 2014 | Makeup, Skincare and Random Bits

September Favorites 2014 | Makeup, Skincare and Random Bits

Another month has gone by and it's time for my September favorites! I have a little bit of everything: makeup, skincare, fashion, tv...but you're going to have to watch my video below for that. Here I'm just going to talk you through makeup and skincare.

Pink Grapefruit body sorbet: I have a post on this if you want to see it HERE, but I'd just say this body lotion is light weight, it's not sticky and it smells amazing!

Maybelline Color Elixir lipgloss in Blush Essence: I also have a post on it HERE. It's a beautiful pink non-sticky lipgloss that you can wear on its own or over any pink/nude lipstick.

Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot treatment: it is a spot treatment for your blemishes and it works amazing because it dries them out really fast. 

Check the video below for more favorites!

¡Se ha acabado otro mes y toca ver mis favoritos de Septiembre! Tengo un poco de todo: maquillaje, ciudado de la piel, moda, series de televisión...pero vais a tener que ver el vídeo de abajo para todo eso. Aquí voy a hablaros del maquillaje y cuidado de piel.

Sorbet Corporal de Pomelo Rosa: hacer click AQUÍ para ir a un post que hice sobre ello, pero diré que esta loción corporal es muy ligera, no se pega y huele muy bien!

Brillo de labios Color Elixir de Maybelline en tono Blush Essence: también hice un post que podéis ver AQUÍ. Es un brillo rosa muy bonito que no se pega, y lo puedes llevar solo o encima de pintalabios rosa o nude.

Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot cuidado localizado: es un tratamiento para los granitos y funciona muy bien ya que los seca muy rápido.

No olvidéis ver mi vídeo para conocer el resto de mis favoritos:


September 30, 2014

New In | Primark Haul

A few days ago I uploaded a Primark Haul on my YouTube channel. As you guys saw in my previous post, I went to London recently and I couldn't leave without a trip to Primark.

I got a bunch of cool things, and I'm pretty much obsessed with everything I got. My favorite thing is a pair of black boots, which were only £15!!

You can watch the video below to see everything I bought!

Hace unos días subí un Haul de Primark a mi canal de YouTube. Como visteis en mi post anterior, fui a Londres hace poco y no podía volver sin pasar por Primark.

Compré un montón de cosas que me encanta. Mi parte favorita es un par de botas negras que valieron solo 15 libras!!

Podéis hacer click el vídeo de abajo para ver todo lo que compré:


September 23, 2014

My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you would know that I took a trip to London last week. I uploaded a vlog on my channel (that you can check HERE or at the end of the post) but I wanted to share some of the photos with you as well.
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!
I love Oxford street and all that area. I love the stores, the clothes, everything! I only went shopping at Primark because I didn't want to spend too much money, but I love walking around and seeing what this lovely street has to offer. 

St James's Park is one of my favorite parks in London and, of course, I took the time to go over there to take some photos. If you want to see more, follow me on Instagram because I thought it would be much if I posted more here, but I'll definitely post on Instagram throughout the next few weeks/month.
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!
And there's a bonus Big Ben photo for you!

I also went ahead and saw some of the locations where they film Sherlock. The actual front of the house was a couple streets past the hotel, and then St Barts hospital is close to St Paul's Cathedral, which I also visited (for the third time).
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!
My trip to London (photos & vlog) | Oxford street, Sherlock locations, Big Ben, St James's Park & more!

And the last picture is going to be dedicated to Wicked! I've been singing the songs for years and I really wanted to see it, so I decided to go this time! I just couldn't wait for my next time in London. The musical was amazing, even better than I imagined and I would recommend it to anyone. It was, honestly, so good! Kerry Ellis was playing Elphaba and she did an incredible job. 

Here's the vlog if you want to see it:


September 19, 2014

My favorite bronzers for light skin tones

The summer is pretty much gone and now that autumn is here and we won't get that natural tan (although I never get a tan anyway) we might want to enhance it with bronzer. As you probably know my skin is very light, and it's sometimes hard to find a bronzer that looks natural. If you have that same problem, here are my recommendations:

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in shade 02: There is a 01 shade available but it's pretty much the same. This is a very natural looking bronzer suitable for the palest of skin tones. I have a review on it HERE

NYX Matte Bronzer in shade Light: This is the first one I bought out of the three and I really like it. It has a slight redish tone compared to the other two but it still looks good. It's also very cheap!

Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in shade 51: It has a slight shimmer if you look at it closely but it's not noticeable on the skin. This is the one I've been using the most recently, I love it!

El verano se ha acabado ya prácticamente y ahora que llega el otoño y no nos vamos a poner morenas de forma natural (aunque yo no me pongo morena, de todas formas) puede que queramos utilizar polvos bronceadores. Puede que sepáis que mi piel es muy clara, y es por tanto complicado encontrar un bronceador que quede natural. Si tenéis este mismo problema, estas son mis recomendaciones:

Polvos Bronceadores Honey Bronze de The Body Shop en el tono 02: Hay un tono 01 pero es prácticamente igual que este. Es un bronceador muy natural y adecuado para las pieles más claras. Podéis ver una review más a fondo AQUÍ

Matte Bronzer de NYX en el tono Light: Este es el primero que compré de los tres y me gusta mucho. Tiene un ligero tono rojizo comparado con los otros dos pero queda muy bien. ¡Y es el más barato!

Polvos Bronceadores Délice de Poudre de Bourjois en el tono 51: Tiene un poco de brillo si lo miras de cerca pero no se nota en la piel. Este es el que he estado usando recientemente. ¡Me encanta!


September 16, 2014

Must Have Face Brushes

Must Have Face Brushes

Today I thought I'd show you some of my favorite brushes that I use on a daily basis. As it turns out, I chose 5 face brushes, so I might do another post on eye brushes in the future. These ones are from left to right:

Sigma F80 - Flat Kabuki: I use it to apply liquid foundation.

Real Techniques - blush brush: I know the same suggests you use it for blush, but I like it more for bronzer. I pinch it with my fingers so it creates kind of a line and then I contour.

Sigma P80- Precision Flat: You could say this is the baby of the F80 since it's very similar but way smaller. I use it to apply concealer on my blemishes.

Real Techniques - powder brush: As the name suggests, I use it for powder. It's really big and super soft!

Sigma F40- Large Angled Contour: I used the blush one for contour, so I use the contour one for...blush!! I got this one in the Sigma Paris palette but the original one is the same.

What are some of your favorite face brushes?

Hoy os quería enseñar algunas de mis brochas favoritas que uso a diario. Resulta que he escogido 5 que son para la cara, así que puede que haga otro post con brochas para los ojos próximamente. Estas son de izquierda a derecha:

Sigma F80 - Flat Kabuki: Lo uso para la base de maquillaje líquida.

Real Techniques - blush brush: Sé que el nombre sugiere usarlo para el colorete, pero a mi me gusta para los polvos bronceadores. Lo aplasto con los dedos cuando lo uso para que forme como una línea y contorneo.

Sigma P80- Precision Flat: Podríamos decir que este es el bebé del F80 ya que es muy similar pero mucho más pequeño. Lo utilizo para poner corrector en los granitos.

Real Techniques - powder brush: Como el nombre sugiere, lo uso para polvos ¡Es muy grande y súper suave!

Sigma F40- Large Angled Contour: Si utilizo el de colorete para bronceador, el de bronceador para...¡colorete! Este me venía en la paleta Paris de Sigma, pero el original es igual.

¿Cuáles son vuestras brochas para la cara favoritas?


September 12, 2014

Lazy Day Makeup

lazy day makeup

We all have those days when we don't feel like putting a full face of makeup, but we still want to do something to look put together, or because we don't feel confident enough with a bare face.
Here are the products I love for those days. I feel like if I wear these 4 things I look presentable and it doesn't look like I just woke up.

The MAC pro longwear concealer is good for under the eyes and for blemishes, and it covers everything! It's perfect!

Eyebrows frace your face and make a huge difference, so I recommend using this NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder because it's cheap but looks amazing. I use the darkest shade in this one, which is the color dark brown.

If there's one thing I have to put on before I leave the house that's mascara. I feel like it makes me look so much more awake, and better in general. This is my favorite at the moment: the Bourjois One Seconde mascara in waterproof.

I'm a huge lip product junkie and I love my lipsticks, but if I don't feel like putting one on but I still want a bit of color, the Dior Lip Glow balm is amazing. It's expensive, but I don't regret buying it at all! It's probably my favorite lip product that I own.

Todos tenemos esos días en los que no nos apetece ponernos mucho maquillaje, pero queremos que parezca que nos hemos arreglado, o simplemente no estamos seguras con la cara limpia.
Aquí os enseño los productos que uso para esos días. Creo que con estas 4 cosas estoy presentable y no parece que me acabe de despertar.

El corrector pro longwear de MAC va bien para las ojeras y para los granitos, y ¡cubre todo! ¡Es perfecto!

Las cejas enmarcan la cara y se nota mucha diferencia cuando tenemos cuidado con ellas. Yo recomiendo este Eyebrow Cake Powder de NYX porque es barato pero queda genial. Uso el lado más oscuro de este, que es el color dark brown.

Si hay una cosa que tengo que ponerme antes de salir de casa eso es máscara de pestañas. Creo que me hace parecer mucho más despierta, y queda mejor en general. Esta es mi favorita actual: la One Seconde de Bourjois en waterproof.

Me encantan los productos para los labios y llevar pintalabios, pero si no me apetece y todavía quiero un poco de color, el Lip Glow de Dior es increíble. Es caro, pero no me arrepiento para nada de comprarlo. Es, probablemente, mi producto para los labios preferido de los que tengo.


September 09, 2014

Outfits of the Week | September 2014

A few days ago I posted an Outfits of the Week video on my YouTube channel and everyone seems to be liking it a lot, which makes me really happy! I love making these videos and they take longer to edit, so it's nice to know people appreciate them.

Anyway, I wanted to share it with all of you as well. You can click here for the link, or watch it below.

Hace unos días publiqué un vídeo con mis Outfits of the Week en mi canal de YouTube y parece que está gustando bastante, ¡lo cual me alegra mucho! Me encanta hacer este tipo de vídeos y tardo bastante más en editarlos, así que está bien saber que la gente los aprecia.

Por eso quería compartirlo aquí con todos vosotros. Podéis hacer click aquí para tener el link, o podéis verlo al final del post.


September 05, 2014

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask | Review

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

The Ionic Clay Mask from The Body Shop is something I've been wanting to try for a while. A lot of bloggers have talked about it before, and it seemed like something I would like. I was right!

It is targeted towards combination and oily skin types and it purifies, cleanses and removes excess oil from your face. I do feel like it does all that since my skin feels really smooth and soft after I use it, but it doesn't make it dry. 
As you can see, it has a light layer of green liquid on top, which I think it's just to preserve it and make it last longer, but it doesn' make the mask feel any different. 
It says you can use it twice a week, but I only do it once because my skin is sensitive and I don't want to irritate it. 
It's also really easy to use: you apply it with your fingers like any other mask, let it dry for about 10-15 minutes and then remove it (I use a wet face towel and I think that's the easiest/less messy way).

Where can you find it? At The Body Shop for 20€ in Spain and £13 in the UK, and if you live in the US, you can get it from Ulta's website for $22.

La Mascarilla Facial de Algas y Arcilla Iónica de The Body Shop es algo que quería probar desde hace tiempo. Muchas bloggers han hablado de ella previamente, y parecía algo que me podría gustar. ¡Estaba en lo cierto!

Está hecha para pieles mixtas y grasas y purifica, limpia y elimina los excesos de grasa de tu cara. Sí pienso que hace todo eso ya que mi piel se queda muy suave después de usarla, y no la seca.
Como podéis ver, tiene una fina capa de líquido verde encima, y creo que es solo para preservarla y que dure más tiempo, pero no lo notas cuando la aplicas.
Pone que la puedes usar dos veces a la semana, pero yo solo lo hago una ya que mi piel es sensible y no quiero irritarla.
También es muy fácil de usar: la aplicas con los dedos como cualquier otra mascarilla, dejas que se seque durante unos 10-15 minutos y te la quitas (yo uso una toalla de cara mojada y creo que es la forma más fácil/menos sucia de hacerlo)

¿Dónde puedes encontrarla? En las tiendas The Body Shop por 20€ en España, £13 en Reino Unido, y si vives en Estados Unidos, en la web de Ulta por $22.

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

September 02, 2014

August Favorites | Makeup and Random (TV, Movie)

august favorites makeup rimmel benefit they're real mascara

If you are subscribed to me on YouTube, you would know I love sharing my favorite things for the month, so here is my August Favorites video!
I talk about a few makeup products, a tv show (hint, hint, Doctor Who is back!!) and a movie that made me cry.

Si estáis suscritos a mi canal de YouTube, sabréis que me encanta compartir mis favoritos del mes, así que ¡aquí están mis favoritos de Agosto!
Hablo sobre unos cuantos productos de maquillake, una serie de televisión (guiño, guiño, ¡¡Doctor Who ha vuelto!!) y una película con la que lloré.


August 29, 2014

Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Color in Blush Essence | Review + swatch

maybelline color elixir blush essence
maybelline color elixir blush essence
This may seem like a shock to anyone who knows me because I'm not a lipgloss person. I usually tend to stick to lipsticks and stains, but I do love Maybelline lip products, so I decided to give this a go; I'm talking about the Color Elixir line that came out a few months ago (I think). To my surprise, I actually like it and have already worn it 2 or 3 times since I bought it. 

The color I chose is called Blush Essence and, although it has a bit of shimmer, I found it to be one of the most wearable from the ones they had at the store. It's a shade that works great over any pink lipstick or on its own, since it's very opaque and creamy as you can see on the swatch below.

It retails for about 9.90€ in Spain (I bought it at Primor), $8.99 in the States (Ulta price) and, sadly,  I don't think it's out in the UK yet since I couldn't find it on Boots or Superdrug (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). 

¿Have you tried this lipgloss line?
Esto puede ser un shock para las personas que me conocen porque no me suelen gustar los brillos de labios. Suelo utilizar pintalabios y lip stains, pero sí que me encantan todos los labiales de Maybelline, así que decidí darle una oportunidad; estoy hablando de la línea Color Elixir que salió al mercado hace unos meses (creo). Para mi sorpresa, me gusta y ya lo he usado unas 2 o 3 veces desde que lo compré.

El color que escogí se llama Blush Essence y, aunque tiene un poco de brillo, creo que es uno de los tonos más "ponibles" de los que tenían en la tienda. Queda muy bien encima de algún pintalabios rosa o solo, ya que es bastante opaco como podéis ver en la foto de abajo.

Se vende por 9.90€ en España (lo compré en Primor), $8.99 en Estados Unidos (precio de Ulta) y, tristemente, creo que no está disponible todavía en Reino Unido ya que no lo he podido encontrar ni en Boots ni en Superdrug (corregirme si estoy equivocada).

¿Habéis probado esta línea de brillos de labios?

maybelline color elixir blush essence

August 26, 2014

TOP 3 | My Favorite Nude Lipsticks

Favorite Nude Lipsticks MAC Patisserie Creme Cup L'Oreal JLo's Cheryl Nude Collection Privee
Whenever I don't know what lipstick I want to wear, or I don't have enough time to think about it (because, let's face it, it's a time consuming decision), I always end up wearing a nude lipstick. It goes with everything! Today I wanted to share with you my favorite nude lipsticks, which happen to be these 3:

MAC Patisserie: I bought it because Lily Pebbles and Anna (ViviannaDoesMakeup) talked about it all the time, and it was one of the best makeup decisions ever! I love this lipstick so much and it has become my favorite nude. 

L'Oreal Collection Privée lipstick in JLo's Nude (Cheryl's Nude in the UK): This one is similar to Patisserie but I'd say it has a bit more pink in it. I reckon it would suit pretty much every single skin tone. 

MAC Creme Cup: This is the pinkiest one from the bunch, but still a nude. Perfect if you don't feel comfortable enough with nude lips yet!

Cuando no se que pintalabios quiero usar, o no tengo suficiente tiempo para pensarlo (porque, admitámoslo, es una decisión que toma su tiempo), siempre acabo optando por un pintalabios nude. ¡Va con todo! Hoy quería enseñaros mis pintalabios nude favoritos, que son estos 3:

MAC Patisserie: Lo compré porque Lily Pebbles y Anna (ViviannaDoesMakeup) hablaban de él todo el tiempo, y es una de las mejores decisiones respecto al maquillaje que he tomado. Me encanta y se ha convertido en mi nude favorito.

L'Oreal Collection Privée en JLo's Nude (Cheryl's Nude en Reino Unido): Este es similar a Patisserie pero yo diría que tiene un poco más de rosa. Pienso que queda bien en casi cualquier tono de piel.

MAC Creme Cup: Este es el más rosa de todos, pero sigue siendo un nude. Es perfecto si todavía no te sientes cómoda con un pintalabios nude.

Favorite Nude Lipsticks MAC Patisserie Creme Cup L'Oreal JLo's Cheryl Nude Collection Privee