February 29, 2012

Inspired by: Siobhan Martin from Ringer

This "Inspired by" post is about Siobhan Martin from the cw show Ringer who is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. In the show, Siobhan is rich so her style is sophisticated and elegant, and most of her clothes are expensive. However, you can always find great items that are not as expensive from other stores. 

The dress I have chosen for this look is from Mango, which I love. Both pairs of shoes are from ASOS, as well as the yellow clutch; and the stud earrings are from Forever 21. I found all of these items amazing for their price and I might be buying the dress, since I found it on their website these days and it's still available. 

Inspired by: Siobhan Martin


I really like mixing colors and color blocking, and even though some people may not like yellow and black together, I thing it works really well on this look.


February 27, 2012

Who wore who - Oscar's 2012

The annual Academy Awards, commonly known as Oscar's, were held yesterday February 26th 2012 in Hollywood. I like the red carpet more than the award ceremony itself, and I'm sure most of you too. So I did a little summary (or more like choosing the ones that I like the most) of the dresses, actresses and designers.

I want to clarify that this are not all of them, since there were a lot of people that went; this are just my personal favorites from both actresses and dresses.

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli
Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford
Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen
Kristen Wiig in J Mendel
Mila Jovovich in Elie Saab
Penélope Cruz in Armani Privé
Bérénice Bejo in Elie Saab
Shailene Woodley in Valentino Couture
Cameron Diaz in Gucci
Sarah Hyland in Alberta Farretti
Giuliana Rancic in Tony Ward
Kelly Ripa - Carolina Herrera
Did you watch the Red Carpet? And the Award show?
Who were your favorites?

February 22, 2012

Fashion Books: Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Fashion books are really interesting if you love fashion and there are a lot of them out there. I own a few and I thought I'd be nice to show you my favorite ones since I feel like they're fun to read and at the same time, teach a lot about fashion.

Celebrities make fashion books also. The book that I'm showing you today is Influence, written by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. These two girls are very successful in the fashion business: they design, they inspire, they work a lot, and they write.

Most of the book is filled with interviews Mary-Kate and Ashley did to many important people from the fashion industry; designers, photographers, writers, artists...

It also contains beautiful photos from photoshoots, pictures they've taken, fashion inspiration boards (kind of), and some others that are very artistic and cool. I love going through them, just looking at them.

The interviews are really interesting to read and both Ashley and Mary-Kate write about where their inspiration comes from, their influences (and that's why the book is called Influence, I guess) and what they think about other people's work and lives, and how this affected them (fashion wise). 

I'm in love with this double page

It's a good book to have if you are interested in the fashion world.

Aren't those sunglasses amazing?

Do you like reading fashion books? If you have some that you love, please tell me because I'd like to read them too :)


February 14, 2012

2 pairs of boots, 2 styles

Don't you love boots? I do. I don't care what color they are, what material, store... I love wearing boots in the fall and winter time. Recently I got 2 pairs of boots that are not very similar. They are actually two completely different styles but I really like them both. That's how I got inspired to write this post.

The first pair is a little on the preppy side. I love riding boots but I didn't seem to find a pair that I liked. I know these ones are not riding boots but they are kind of similar and they still provide that vibe. This first outfit is actually what I wore today, so it's also like a mini outfit of the day post.
I feel like you can wear these to class (obviously, since I did), to the movies, to go out with friends...I don't know, but pretty much everywhere.

Top - Forever 21
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Stradivarius

The second outfit it's more on the casual and comfy side. I know sometimes leggings look weird and awkward as pants, but if the whole concept of your outfit is being comfortable, they're a good option. These boots are rain boots and call me crazy, but I also wear them when it doesn't rain (yeah, I'm also a little sarcastic lol). 

Top - Illustrated People for Topshop
Leggings - H&M
Boots - Marypaz

What do you think about these 2 styles?
Do you wear rain boots? Leggings as pants?


February 09, 2012

Nail of the day #10 - Essie's sparkly nails

You all know I love nail polish and nail of the day posts. Hopefully you like them too. I think they're really fun and helpful because it's always nice to see how a nail polish looks on someone's nails before purchasing it if you're not sure that you're gonna like the color, consistency...

Today's post features two Essie nail polishes: the base color is "Bobbing for baubles" from the 2011 Winter Collection which is a dark navy blue; and on top of that I used "Pure Pearlfection" from the 2011 Luxeffects Collection.

Natural light towards the sun

I did two coats of the first (base) nail polish and just one coat of sparkles.

Natural light with no sun

Please excuse the messiness of my nails, I kind of took the pictures in a rush and it looks weird. Anyway, I love the effect of this glitter nail polish because it's very fine glitter instead of chunky and it gets the color of the nail polish; meaning that if you use it on top of a pink nail polish, the glitter will have pink tones.


February 05, 2012

Highlights from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was held in Madrid from February 1st to February 5th. It showcased the Pret-A-Porter (Ready To Wear) fashion created by Spanish designers for Fall/Winter 2012/2013.

Five days full of amazing fashion and backstage craziness. Even though I was not able to attend, I did my research on it, seeing every single collection and a variety of backstage videos that offered interesting material.

I'd love to show you everything but since that would be way too long, I'm going to show you what I liked the most from my favorite designers and collections.

Jesús del Pozo: this was the designer's first collection after his passing last year. I loved his work so much and the firm is still true to what it was before, so I really liked it.

María Escoté: I loved the neon colors and I though most of the garments were actually really cute, and I'd wear them (if I had the money to buy them). That's really important because it IS ready to wear. It is overall a really cute and fun collection. 

Roberto Verino: this collection was very daring even though it was all neutral colors. The way the garments are constructed is really complex and it gave it an edge.

Juana Martin: I don't follow her work but this collection caught my eye. It is elegant but in a fun way. I like how she used a bright pink and made it sophisticated. 

Devota & Lomba: I liked the use of jackets since it is a fall/winter collection. Sometimes jackets can ruin an outfit (or at least that's what I think) but this collection is an example of how a jacket can be the key to fabulous.

AA by Amaya Arzuaga: all I can say is: I don't know why, but it works.

Miguel Palacio: his collection has both classic and modern elements. I think it is a very beautiful collection and I would also wear most of the clothes from it (again, if I had the money). It is one of my favorites.

What do you think about these?
Did you know any of these Spanish designers?


February 03, 2012

Inspired by: Rachel Berry

The following outfit is inspired by Lea Michele's character on the very popular FOX show, Glee. Rachel Berry has a unique style that reminds me of the 50's and 60's in a way and gives her a good girl image. I really like her style even though it's not what I usually wear (maybe that's why I like it so much) and that's why I decided to make this post.

Inspired by: Rachel Berry


Do you like her style?
Would you wear something like this?


February 01, 2012

Topshop and Forever 21 haul!

I recently did a little bit of online shopping since I don't have these stores in my city (well, I actually think there is a Topshop but it's not close to my house) and I want to show you some of the stuff I got.

First, from Topshop I got this lovely sweatshirt or jumper (however you call this type of top) which is from the brand Illustrated People.

And I know it's still winter and it's very cold where I live but I just couldn't resist. I had to buy a pair of sunglasses that came with a cute cheetah pouch/sleeve/thingy to keep them in.

Then from Forever 21 I got three different skirts since I'm in love with skirts. These first two were only 5€ each and I got them in a kind of rusty color and burgundy.

The third skirt is a little bit different and it's more summery so I won't be wearing it soon. I just love coral and when I saw this, I fell in love. 

Accessories are always nice, and since I love necklaces and Forever 21 has really cheap jewelry, I decided to get this long and big pale pink necklace.

Last, but not least (since actually I'm very excited about it) I got a pair of high heels. These are about 5 inches but since they have a platform, they're easy to walk with; and the heel is pretty big also.