March 23, 2015

The Body Shop Lotions | Smoky Poppy and Fuji Green Tea

The Body Shop Lotion | Smoky Poppy and Fuji Green Tea

If you read my blog or you watch my videos on YouTube, you would know I've recently been using a lot of hydrating and moisturinzing products on my body. My most recent obsessions are the The Body Shop lotions in two very different scents: Smoky Poppy and Fuji Green Tea*.

Smoky Poppy was their most recently launched collection, and it has a very deep, musky scent. If you are a fan of scents that linger and are quite intense, you will love this one! I like using it before I leave the house if I'm not wearing perfume, and it leaves a very nice smell which people will think is perfume. The only down side is the color of the bottle. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that it's black, but since it's opaque, it's not as easy to know how much you've used up (although you can tell by the weight).

Fuji Green Tea* is not for sale yet, but it will be very soon! If you want to smell the range, they have testers in store for you to try out. It's lovely and I wish I could get every single item! The scent is completely opposite to Smoky Poppy. As it is green tea infused, it has a very fresh and light scent, therefore I like applying this one after I shower or before I go to sleep. I feel like everyone will love this one!

The Body Shop make the best moisturizers, I find myself reaching a lot for their lotions, body butter and body sorbets. These two are no exception, they're amazing! They both contain 250 ml of product, which will last you a while, and retail for £8.

Do you have a favorite scent from The Body Shop?

*products marked have been gifted to me.

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  1. Smoky Poppy sounds like something I would like. :)