November 04, 2011

Small Haul: Lush + some jewelry

I have a Lush store pretty close to me but I've never bought anything before. Everyone here and on YouTube talk about Lush products all the time and they all think it's amazing; so I went in today and got a couple things to try out.

This is the Happy Hippy shower gel which is made out of pink grapefruit. It's a shower gel but it also works as a shampoo (I don't I'll be using it as it though).

This is the Rub Rub Rub which is a sea salt and mimosa wash that exfoliates your skin. It also works as a shower gel and shampoo. The girl who sold it to me told me not to use it everyday cause it could be too much for my skin (just a warning in case you want to get it).

And, of course, they game me 2 samples. One is the "Honey I washed the kids" soap and the other one is a body lotion called "Dream Cream".

As for jewelry, there's this store next to Lush and I decided to go in and see if I liked something. Turns out I found something I really wanted for a long time: a dream catcher necklace!! :)

And I also got a turquoise and silver bracelet:



  1. i love lush!!! :)

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  2. I love the necklace!
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    Kisses andy

  3. Aww! I love the smell of Happy Hippy. And the necklace is fabulous.

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