September 19, 2014

My favorite bronzers for light skin tones

The summer is pretty much gone and now that autumn is here and we won't get that natural tan (although I never get a tan anyway) we might want to enhance it with bronzer. As you probably know my skin is very light, and it's sometimes hard to find a bronzer that looks natural. If you have that same problem, here are my recommendations:

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in shade 02: There is a 01 shade available but it's pretty much the same. This is a very natural looking bronzer suitable for the palest of skin tones. I have a review on it HERE

NYX Matte Bronzer in shade Light: This is the first one I bought out of the three and I really like it. It has a slight redish tone compared to the other two but it still looks good. It's also very cheap!

Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in shade 51: It has a slight shimmer if you look at it closely but it's not noticeable on the skin. This is the one I've been using the most recently, I love it!

El verano se ha acabado ya prácticamente y ahora que llega el otoño y no nos vamos a poner morenas de forma natural (aunque yo no me pongo morena, de todas formas) puede que queramos utilizar polvos bronceadores. Puede que sepáis que mi piel es muy clara, y es por tanto complicado encontrar un bronceador que quede natural. Si tenéis este mismo problema, estas son mis recomendaciones:

Polvos Bronceadores Honey Bronze de The Body Shop en el tono 02: Hay un tono 01 pero es prácticamente igual que este. Es un bronceador muy natural y adecuado para las pieles más claras. Podéis ver una review más a fondo AQUÍ

Matte Bronzer de NYX en el tono Light: Este es el primero que compré de los tres y me gusta mucho. Tiene un ligero tono rojizo comparado con los otros dos pero queda muy bien. ¡Y es el más barato!

Polvos Bronceadores Délice de Poudre de Bourjois en el tono 51: Tiene un poco de brillo si lo miras de cerca pero no se nota en la piel. Este es el que he estado usando recientemente. ¡Me encanta!



  1. Great post! :)

    Ellie xx

  2. That's a great post and perfect as I too have light tone. Keep up the good work.


  3. The Bourjois one is my favourite! Think I'm going to have to try out the Body Shop one, it looks lovely x
    I've written a new blog post, it would mean a lot if you could check it out :)

    1. I do use the bourjois one the most, but they're both amazing!

  4. Lovely selection! I've also included the bourjois one in my post!

    It'll mean the world to me if you check my blog out :) Maybe follow each other on bloglovin? Let me know!

  5. Body Shop Honey Bronzer is in my top wish list actually<3 I cannot wait to try it. I always wanted to try Bourjois chocolate bronzer but Bourjois cosmetic is recently discontinued in Japan :( I'm so sad about it. Otherwise I'd try it!
    Great blog!