August 09, 2011

Best dressed at Teen Choice Awards

As you may know, the anual Teen Choice Awards were held last sunday (that's August 7th 2011) in Los Angeles.
Most people from the most popular american tv shows were there, singers, personalities and, in general, tons of celebrities.
There were a lot of dresses that I loved, but for some reason, my pick for "Best Dressed" was not even wearing a dress. So who did I choose?.... Shay Mitchell.

She wore DKNY separates , Jimmy Choo clutch and Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe shoes. I just think she was original for not wearing a dress and red looks great on her. I also loved her high ponytail.

You don't know who she is?: If you don't know who she is, shame on you (just kidding :D). She is one of the girls from Pretty Little Liars. It is my favorite show ever! (It used to be Gossip Girl, which I still love, but PLL has my heart now). The show airs every tuesday night on ABC family, so if you're american and you don't watch it yet, today's your day! If you're from somewhere else, like me, you have to wait until tomorrow morning to download it or watch it online.

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