September 03, 2011

H&M and Stradivarius haul!

This morning I went shopping to H&M and Stradivarius and here's what I bought:

Scarf from H&M - 9.95€
I love scarves, so when I saw this one I had to buy it. It could go along with the tribal trend even though it's not one of my favorites; but for some reason (and you'll realized pretty soon) I'm loving brown colors for this fall.

Oversized top from H&M - 19.95€
This top looks huge on the hanger and it's pretty big even though it's a size "small", so I'm going to wear it with a skinny belt around the waist to make it look preppier.

Wedge booties from H&M - 39.95€ 
These booties are my absolute favorite item from this haul. The wedge is not too tall (8.5 cm) so that's great cause I'm planning on wearing them to class and I don't want to look like a giant.

Metal ring from H&M - 4.95€ 
My mom didn't like this ring when I showed it to her, but I love it. If you see it from the front side, the top is kinda flat and looks almost as a mirror.

Bracelet from H&M - 2.95€
I do not like snake prints and all that kind of stuff, but this bracelet looks very cute on and I just had to buy it (it was also VERY cheap as you can see).

Trench coat from Stradivarius - 59.95€ 
This kind of trench coats give a very preppy vibe with every outfit, so I think it's perfect for me. I also love the color (you've realized already). I've been wearing this kind of coat since I was very little but there was this period of time when I stopped liking it; somehow, the love is back.

Elastic pants from Stradivarius - 22.95€
I never thought I was going to buy any tight pants but it looks very pretty on, and it's perfect to wear it with boots this fall/winter. The color is chocolate brown, even though this photo looks a little different.

I hope you liked it and maybe got some ideas for fall fashion :)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I literally cannot tell you how much I've been obsessing over those H&M booties for ages now, and was just perving over them on the website and talked myself out it - what is the first thing I do afterwards?! Why, I came on here and saw them - FATE! I am ordering them this second!!!!!!! x

  2. I love those H&M booties, I was thinking about buying them from someone online but wasn't too sure about the height so I searched them and found your blog. So glad to hear that the height is reasonable enough to wear to class, that's what I want them for this fall! :) Glad I found your blog :D