September 04, 2011

Fall Trends

 First of all, I want to say that this post shows my own personal take on fall trends. When I go through actual stores or online stores and I see something repeatedly, I consider that an upcoming trend.

9.95€ - H&M

13.75€ - Forever 21

19.95€ - H&M

24 pounds - Topshop 

40 pounds - Topshop

58 pounds - Topshop

I love this trend because it continues summer's biggest trend: nautical. And I don't know if you realized, but the third top is the same I showed you on my haul but in a different color. As you can see, the width, color, texture or print of the stripe doesn't matter. 

My favorite item: the half sequin top from Topshop. It's just beautiful, and I'm probably going to buy it. It's just gorgeous and I love how the stripes gradually change width and the sheer sleeves.

Dark red:
12.44€ - Forever 21

19.75€ - Forever 21

53.84€ - Motel (found at ASOS)

20 pounds - Miss Selfridge

25 pounds - Miss Selfridge

28 pounds - Miss Selfridge

Any dark red color is going to be a huge success this fall; and it will work in fashion and beauty. Dark red eyeshadows and dark red nails are very pretty and will look great.

My favorite item: the tank top from Miss Selfridge. I love how it crosses in the back and also looks very light weight, which I love.

Ankle Boots:

59.95€ - H&M

69.95€ - Zara

75.95€ - Zara

68 pounds - Topshop

45.95€ - Zara

This is my favorite trend out of them all, and also the biggest one. Every store that I go or look at has ankle boots, either flat, with a wedge, or heel. I love ankle boots, as you know I already bought a pair, and I'm going to buy at least 2 more pairs. I think they're great for fall and winter since they cover your whole foot, so it'd be great if I can buy a couple more.

My favorite item: dark red suede ankle boots by Topshop. They cover 2 of these trends and are very fashion forward and pretty. I love the platform and the heel, and I think they'll be perfect to go out at night. 


  1. I have a huge weakness for shoes and those Topshop ankle boots are BEAUTIFUL! Cool blog :P

  2. hey, awesome post :)