March 21, 2012

Nail of the day - Bright orange

Basically last week the weather was getting warmer around here and I thought I'd start the spring time by wearing a bright nail polish, so I painted my nails with this pretty orange. The bad thing is that the weather is cold again and now I look kind of stupid with bright nails, but oh well.

I'm not the kind of person who paints their nails every single color and this is the first orange nail polish that I own. I've never painted them green (real green, if you know what I mean, I love mint), yellow, brown, black or white either. So it's sort of out of my comfort zone but I actually like it.

2 coats, natural light

This nail polish is Kiko's number 358 and it's one of the three nail polishes I showed you on my last haul.
I like that this color could be considered a neon orange (you have to see it in person) but at the same time has a hint of pastel in it (I think you can see that in the photos).

 Are you going to wear bright nail polishes this spring?



  1. This is such a pretty color! I wish we had Kiko in my country. They have an amazing range of colors!

  2. soooo pretty and it looks like such a fun summer colour! xx

  3. I love that color!! How many coats did it take?

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  5. I love many olours and lately have been into orange, yellow, and mint colours. Looks like you selected a great hue for spring/summer nails. Pretty colours.