September 14, 2012

My trip to London | Part 5

This is the last and final post from my London trip, but I'll also have a haul afterwards.
I'm going to start by showing you pics from the guards. We wanted to see the change of the guards but since the front of the palace gets packed, we stayed longer where they start and then saw from far back in front of the Buckingham Palace.

Then we went to Portobello Road and we walked through the market but didn't get anything. Anyways, there are some beautiful houses around that area.

Lastly I'm going to show you some pictures from the Sherlock Holmes museum. It's kind of funny that they would make a house and a museum out of a fictional character like this one. I mean, it made sense with Harry Potter because they have props from the movies but in this case, everything is "made up", if you know what I mean. But still, it was fun to see an old house and everyone that worked there dressed from that time.

How many of you thought that man was real? hahaha He's not, but looks like he's alive, right?


  1. That man looks so real!
    its kinda scary haha x

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