September 02, 2012

Weekly photos #19, #20 and #21

Today I'm doing a combination of these past three weeks because I was away from home for the first one and a half week, then I went to London for more than a week and I also have to do this week.

First of all, I went to the beach here in Spain as you were able to see in my last outfit of the day post and I had fun even though I went with my parents and my sister.

1. My parents and I love octopus...and I know it might me weird for some of you but it's typical to eat it here and it's also delicious.
2. We rented an apartment which was right at the beach. We just had to use the stairs that end up in the sand, so that's pretty cool.
3. I had this candy ice cream that was the best thing I've ever had; it was like eating candy but cold and creamy.
4. We also got a box of chocolates for the 4 of us but since I left early cause I was going to London I only got to eat 4 or 5...that made me sad cause there were so many (the box had 3 levels).

5, 6, 7. Before I left my parents took me to Valencia (my sister didn't want to come) to a huge aquarium and then my mom took me to a science museum, because I love science, next to that (my father likes the animals better so he stayed at the aquarium which also had other animals).
8. Then I took the train home so I could unpack and pack again...crazy times!

As you know I'm making a series with pictures from my trip to London but I also wanted to include ones here that are not in those posts because I took them with my phone.

 9. That's at Gatwick airport, the moment we realized "we are in England" haha.
10. Louis Viutton window in Oxford Street.
11. Big Ben at night. It took me forever to get a nice picture of it with my DSLR camera; I was standing there trying all the different things and stuff until I got a nice one...success!!
12. London Eye from the opposite side of the river.

13. I love double deckers. It's so fun to go on the top part; you guys should try it if you ever go to London :)
14. We, of course, went to Milkshake City just to try the One Direction milkshake. It tastes like cookies (kind of) and the little blue balls are like gum...pretty yummy!
15. The Harry Potter studio tour is the best thing if you like Harry Potter. We had so much fun looking at all their props, costumes, and taking pictures everywhere. We even got to try butterbeer (which is also delicious if you ask me) haha.
16. I didn't do that much shopping but I did get some great stuff. Anyway, that's a photo of the huge Topshop in Oxford Street...they even have maps so you don't get lost!



  1. Now I want to eat the octopus salad again and go to London. I'm so obsessed! :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. haha I know! I love both things as well...I can't wait for you to go to London and see your reaction :D

  2. I love living in London <3 and i love Octopus aswell!!!

    That candy ice cream is so bright!