November 04, 2012

Weekly photos #30

It's November now guys! I can't believe October is over, but it's a good thing because nothing good happened that month. Let's hope this one comes a little better :)

1. Salads are my favorite thing to eat, and recently I've been adding apple to them cause I just hate apples by themselves. I think it's a great idea to eat fruit without barely noticing.
2. I was so happy with my pumpkin, but sadly I had to throw it away cause it was going bad (obviously). But oh well, I'll make a new one next year.
3 & 4. I've been wanting to re-do and organize my room. This week I organized part of my closet, mostly tops, by color and I put away my summer ones; and earlier today I organized my shoes. There are two rows in that dresser and I also had to keep some in boxes cause they wouldn't fit in there. I also put my boots out on the lowest part of my shelf thing so I have easy access to them.



  1. I don't really like apples as well. I never take one and just eat it. I usually put it in the mixer with other fruits and then eat the mixture. :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  2. Aww..?? Really I luv apples ! I love your weekly photo's post !

    1. thank you! :) and that's good, cause they're very healthy