November 06, 2012

Paris palette by Sigma | Review and swatches

Today I want to review a Sigma palette for you. The reason why I want to do this is because this palette is fairly expensive and it's nice to see what you're going to get if you decide to spend the money on it.

First of all, now that I've started with that, it costs $59. I found a coupon online so I didn't have to pay shipping, which was very nice. This palette is limited edition but it's been on their website for a while now, so I don't know when they're going to stop selling it.

The palette comes with a sleeve that is, in my opinion, prettier than the actual palette but whatever, the important part are the eyeshadows and blushes.

Here's a picture of everything that comes with it. The brushes are travel sized ones: the eyeshadow one is an E55 and the blush one is the F40. Then it comes with 8 Paris-named eyeshadows and 3 french-named blushes. Everything is gorgeous if you ask me.

Here are some swatches of all the eyeshadows in opposite order of the photo above, so: Versailles, Triomphe, Notre Dame, Elysées, Orsay, Louvre, Seine and Eiffel. The only matte color is Louvre, which is kind of disappointing, but since all the colors are so pretty, I'm not complaining too much about it.

These are the blushes in the same order, so: Rouge, Pêche and Lumiére.

Overall I think it's worth the money because everything is pretty, wearable and pigmented. Obviously, most colors are not for every day use, but they're perfect if you're going somewhere where you want to "dress up" your make up a little bit, or even if you just want to wear a more sophisticated look.



  1. this is such a gorgeous palette the colours are amazing and so so pretty, this will definitely be going on my christmas list :D

  2. love this palette! one of my faves!

  3. lovely :D

    X Jenny

  4. These colours are so gorgeous!


  5. love this palette:) the colors are great for fall/winter time <3