November 11, 2012

Weekly photos #31

Here are some pictures from this week :)

1. I took that picture on Wednesday. If you want to see my whole outfit, click here.
2. I bought a bag of marshmallows just cause they were by the cash register and I was waiting in line. I always find myself getting those things just cause they're there. They get me every single time!
3. I made a green juice following Benji's recipe (Benji from Benjimantv on Youtube or Judy's husband). It was quite good and definitely very healthy. It just has spinach, apple, lemon and water.
4. Then something not as healthy: muffins. These were made by my sister, so it wasn't as bad, and they were amazing. When my sister gets bored, she bakes lol.


1 comment:

  1. I need to make some muffins soon. I haven't made them in months!