October 09, 2011

Review: NYX Cream Blush

I was requested to review NYX's cream blush by Carly after I showed it in my September Favorites. If any of you wants me to show a certain item, or have any kind of request, just tell me in the comments below :)

So let's jump into the review:

 Front of the blush: NYX Rouge Cream Blush

The color that I own is "Natural" (as you can see in the picture above). I only own one of these blushes because I've always been a little picky with cream beauty products, but I'm going to buy 2 more once I get the chance.
You can probably guess that I really liked this blush. It has the perfect color for every day looks.

You can see how creamy it is, but it feels very light when you apply it.
  • Size: it has a pretty good size and comes with a very good amount of product.
  • Price: we don't have NYX in my country, so I bought it from ebay. I paid more than its regular price ($6.50), but not too much ($9.50).
  • How I use it: In my opinion, it's better to apply it with your finger rather than using a brush. When I tried the brush, the color stayed just like a spot in my face and it didn't blend as well. So if you are considering buying one of these, use your fingers.
  • Shades: it comes in 13 different shades so you have a lot to choose from.



  1. the cream blush looks so sweet and pretty!

  2. oh this review is wonderful! thank you so much for sharing! and i agree so much easier to apply with your fingers!