October 01, 2011

September 2011 Favorites!

Well, September's gone by fast and that means my vacations are over and I start my sophomore year at college next week (yeah, I know it's late, but we finish later on too). I'm sad about that but I'm excited about fall and all the fashion trends that are coming up; I'm excited to dress to class every day and do my make up everyday (cause I've been slaking a little lately).

So, here are my favorite September beauty items:

1. Clean & Clear face wash.

I've been using it every other day since mid August and look how much I have left. It lasts a long time and it gives a fresh feeling to my face but it doesn't make it tight. It's also oil-free, which I love (since I have oily skin).

2. Vichy make up remover (3 in 1).

It works as lotion, toner and eye make up remover. It's very creamy but light at the same time and it does a great job removing my heavy eye make up. I also use it to clean my brushes and it works great.

3. NYX cream blush.

It is in the color "Natural" and it gives a pretty pink color to my cheeks. It's the first cream blush that I bought and I'm in love with it.

4. Elf zit zapper.

I've been breaking out a little lately and this is something that I've been using to dry my zits. It's just like a roller that you apply on your zits and has alcohol (or something that smells like it) and dries them out. It was also very cheap and I thought it wasn't going to work, but it does.

5. Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion.

I tried to use all of my Elf eyeshadow primer before opening this one, but I had to try it and now I've been using this one only since then. It blends very well (which means that you only need to use a tiny little bit) and I feel like my eyeshadow stays better that with my Elf one (but that one works just fine).

6. Elf minty lip gloss.

This one is in the color "Boston" and I've been loving it since it has a deeper pinkish color, which is better for fall. It's actually in between pink and red, and since it's minty, it's very fresh. I just love these lip glosses.

7. NYX Slide On pencil.

This one is in "Jet Black" and the reason why I've been using it and loving it so much is because I've been going out at night with friends a lot in September and I needed an eyeliner that would stay all night on. This is that eyeliner.

What are your favorite products this month?


  1. Love your blog! I gave you an award on my blog please come check it out!


  2. you should definitely do a review post on the nyx cream blush

  3. @Carly i will do it! thank you so much for the request :)