December 14, 2011

MAC Glitter & Ice: Winterized eye shadow review

I've been wanting to get some of the products from MAC's winter collection Glitter & Ice but I didn't get a chance until a couple days ago and I only got 1 thing cause my mom wants to get me something more from the collection (I gave her a list of the items I like) for Christmas.

So I got Winterized:

As you can see the package is white instead of the usual black and it came in a very cute silvery-Christmas bag (that I'm keeping).

I really like the color and I'll probably wear it to a party on Christmas Eve or to go to dinner with friends if we decide to dress up a little more. It's very pigmented, of course and it has a little bit of fine glitter if you look close at it of it the light hits it.

I'm really looking forward to get more from the collection even though my mom has to hurry cause there's only a few things left and you may have to reserve the products that you're looking for.


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