April 15, 2012

Weekly photos #1

I'm gonna start to do this since everyone seems to be doing it and I think it's pretty fun and interesting to see what we all do every week and some highlights in our lives.

1. Metro escalators: I hate public transportation in general, but I can do buses. Anyway I take the subway every day and it's the worst...I get so annoyed by everyone and people push me, touch me, it's not the cleanest and such...ugh
2. I love food but I didn't use to like pasta. Recently I've been loving it :)
3. I curled my hair haha. This happens so rarely that it's like an event...not really but it's nice to look a little bit different for once. I never curl it because I have to do it in the morning and I don't have time on week days.
4. This is just one street here in Madrid. I love walking around, listening to music on my iphone and drinking something from Starbucks...so relazing.

I didn't do much this week, but I'll try to take more photos next week.



  1. Curly hair really suit you!


  2. you hair looks nice curly! the pasta has made me hungry x

  3. mmm i love pasta! specially spaguetti:)
    it's interesting doing a week in pictures post. i will do one too:D