April 18, 2012

New bracelets from H&M

Hey guys! I went to H&M the other day and I got these bracelets that I'm in love with. I think they're perfect for this spring time and also for the summer time. Also, since they were from H&M, they were pretty cheap (although I don't remember the exact price), which is amazing for the quality.

The first one is this rose gold one that has kind of pastel orange links in the middle. I love it because it's bright and it definitively pops up if you're wearing a white top.

Then these two came together but I'm going to wear them separately, I think. I think they're great because they're right on the pastel trend and the chain part is gold, which makes it even more pretty. I was going to tell who how I like the mint one more, but looking at them while taking the pictures, I really cannot decide; they're both really cute.




  1. i like the second ones:) like you,i can't decide which one is prettier!


  2. I like the second ones, I think I prefer the mint one too :) xxx

  3. These really are cute! I have to go check out the H&M. :)


  4. I love them!:D