April 30, 2012

Weekly photos #3

I'm so sorry I'm posting this on a Monday and not Sunday, as I usually do. I'm out of town for a few days since we have a national holiday next to a autonomous community (which is kind of like a state), and we just went away to the town where my mom was born since we have a house here too.

The weather is the worst (it's raining all the time, non-stop), so I haven't been able to do much yet, but I'm hoping we can go to a few places around here and I can take some nice photos to show to you all.
1. My sister and I decided to eat lemons just like that and see who made the worst face after. She claimed she loved lemons and when she tried it, her face was hilarious. I wish I had taken a picture of that instead haha.
2. That's my cat, but I say she's my baby. I love her so much and she's been just laying around this house, exploring it like a crazy cat. I mean, this house is a 3-story house which is huge for her since we live on a flat/apartment type of house (although it's not small). 
3. I finally decided to get the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and I've been loving it. I think it's worth the money: it was 38€.
4. I love strawberries and my father's been buying them a lot, so I'm happy about that.

5. My father also gathered some flowers the other day on this place close to our house here, since this is a small town and has country side around it.
6. That's my cat again, on the kitchen window, looking to the patio we have here.
7 - 8. These are some pictures taken in Madrid, where I usually live. I love the center of the city (where I went to Sephora was close to those buildings) and I feel like it's a unique city that most of you probably haven't seen before. Also, I feel very proud to live where I live although I want to move to the states, and I like showing you all some parts of this beautiful city :)



  1. Lovely pictures, the lemon sounds hilarious xx

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