April 01, 2012

March 2012 Favorites!

It's been a while since I've done my monthly favorites but that's just because I didn't think I really had anything new or interesting to show. I'm gonna do my beauty, nail polish, music, iPhone app and random favorites this month; so it's more than just a few products.


1. Elf Stipple Brush which I've been using to apply blush.
2. NYX blush in "Peach". I don't know why it's called peach, but it's just a very light pink that looks great if you're pale like me.
3. MAC eyeshadow in "snow season"
4. Maybelline super stay 24h foundation in "cameo". I've been having some acne problems this month and this has helped me cover them. I really like this foundation.


1. Make An Entrance by China Glaze. (You can see it on this nail of the day post)
2. I Lily Love You by OPI (I've used it for an accent nail while wearing make an entrance)
3. Pink Friday by OPI. This is probably my favorite pink shade of all time.

1. Part of me - Katy Perry

2. Rumour has it - Adele

1. Wunderlist: I'm a list freak. I make lists for everything in my life: books I want to read, movies I want to watch, nail polishes I want to buy, college assignments, posts I want to write, songs I want to listen to that have been recommended to me...and it goes on and on. This app is really great and it keeps everything well organized.

1. Sketching: I'm not gonna lie, I'm not good at drawing, at all; but I sometimes have ideas in my mind of dresses and outfits and I'm starting to learn how to draw figures a little bit better. I'm watching tutorials online and all that so I can draw something decent. Here are two of my sketches.



  1. I love wunderlist too! It's one of my favorite apps :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, you're so sweet!

  2. I need to get Wunderlist! I'm such a to-do list freak too! :)


  3. those sketches are really great! i used to do the same thing but my drawings her downright TERRIBLE!!! lol! nyx peach blush is great. had it on all day today as a matter of fact!

  4. Great list! Love the nail polish and Katy's Part of Me.

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  5. glad the nyx blush made it onto your favourites too! x