July 22, 2012

Weekly photos #15

This week started out a little crazy because I was a bit jet lagged and I felt like sleeping all the time. Once that was over, my life went back to normal; to boring normal.

1. You all know I love downtown because I've posted a few pictures before, but it's probably my favorite part of Madrid (Gran Via street), so I go there quite often when I'm bored.
2. Doesn't this pizza look amazing? It's just one of those frozen ones that you put in the oven for a while and it's done, but it was pretty yummy so I thought I'd share :P
3. What I hate the most about summer is the heat. That's my alarm clock behind my bed telling me that it was 30ÂșC inside my room at night. Yes guys, I feel like I'm going to die.
4. I was excited to come back home so I could make some more videos. As you may or may not know, I have a youtube account and I really like making videos: the creativity, filming, editing...I love it all.

Now my life is going to be this and hanging out with friends every once in a while until August 21st, when I go to London!! :) I'm really excited and if any of you are going to be there by that time, please tell me because I'd really like to meet you.



  1. I gave you a blogger award on my blog! http://thefashionitlist.blogspot.com/2012/07/award-time.html

  2. That pizza just looks to good!
    p.s. I just nominated you for an award on my blog!
    Hannah xoxo