July 12, 2012

Chatterbox by MAC: review + swatch

Chatterbox is a MAC lipstick that fits into their "Amplified" category, which means that it is very pigmented and it has a cream finish (it's not matte but it's not shimmery).
I would describe it as a bright pink color with a slight hint of coral, even though it looks darker in this picture.

As you might know, MAC lipsticks come in a black bullet like stick/tube/package which makes it look sleek and nice but it's not so much a good thing if you have a few of them and don't want to look to the bottom of it to see the color.

This one is more like the real color
I think this color is perfect for the summer time and I recommend it with a light pink color on your cheeks; I think that looks really cute. I also picture someone wearing this lipstick while wearing a bright floral pattern summer dress (but that's just an idea haha). 

This swatch is pretty close to the real color, if not perfect, so look at this last picture instead of the other ones if you're trying to decide if you like the color or not. 

I'm pretty happy with this lipstick so far and it applies smooth even when my lips are a bit dry and chapped.



  1. I love this color! I have been searching for a good pink so I might have to try this :)
    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  2. This is a really lovely shade! I still regret not buying it in Dubai.


  3. pretty:)


  4. I'm a huge MAC lipstick fan!