July 20, 2012

Beauty Haul | Revlon, Essie, Benefit, Tarte & more

These are the products I got on my trip to the United States of America. It's less than what I was expecting to get, but I'm pretty happy with everything.

I know we have Maybelline here, but these are not out yet and since everyone was saying how good they are, I had to get a couple.

Baby lips in "Peppermint" and "Pink Punch"
Then I got a bunch of things from Revlon because we don't have it in Spain, so I was very excited. First I got this Eyeshadow stick in the color "torch" and one of their new quads in "Attitude", which are neutral colors as you can see.

I also got one of their newest Just Bitten Kissable lip stains (I think that's what it's called) in the color "Sweetheart". I really like this product because it has great pigmentation, the color is really pretty and stays for a long time.

Lastly from Revlon I got to of their very famous lip butters.

Lip Butters in "Strawberry shortcake" and "Cotton candy"
From Covergirl I got their lash blast waterproof mascara and a single eyeshadow in the color "French vanilla" that I'm going to use as a highlight because I don't like wasting my "virgin" from the Naked palette.

My most expensive purchases were these three things: 2 blushes and a primer. The first blush is "Hervana" by Benefit and the other one is the Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in "Dollface" from Tarte. The primer is Too Faced Shadow Insurance (which I actually didn't get while I was there, I got it online).

Because I bought a Benefit blush they gave me these 2 things for free. One is just an eye mask thing that says "beautification in progress" and the other one is a primer sample called "Stay don't stray".

As far as nail polish goes I got 3 but I wanted to get more. Anyway, I didn't want to look like a crazy person and I didn't want my mom to be mad at me, so that's why I only got three.

Essie's "Cute as a button", "Mojito madness" and "Shop till you drop"
Last but not least I got a body mist from the Pink line at Victoria's Secret and another one of the EOS lip balms.

I'm sorry this was pretty long, but hopefully you liked it anyway :)


  1. great haul I've been dying to try those lip butters by Revlon!

  2. You got amazing things! These products are all something I would consider buying myself if I went to the USA.

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  3. I'm such a blush-aholic I love the look of the Tarte one! x

  4. wow these are some really great stuff you got from the US:)
    i love a lot here! the lip butters, essie nailpolishes and the PINK perfume are my favorites:)

    lots of love xx

  5. I love your haul! The Revlon Just Bitten lip stain is soooo nice, I just got myself one and it's in Honey/Douce. It glides perfectly since it's like a crayon.

    1. Thank you!! and yes, it is amazing, I really like it :)

  6. Fantastic stuff!!<3
    Where did you get this sleeping mask? I want it!!!!<3