October 07, 2012

Weekly photos #26

My first week of my third year in college has ended and I'm still trying to get used to my new schedule. We're still taking it slow but I think my classes are about to get harder and harder. I'm hopefully going to have a good time anyways with all my old friends and my new ones.

1. First day of class, waiting for the professor. As you can see no one seats in the first few rows lol
2. I believe that's what I wore my second day of class, so tuesday. If you want to see what I wore every single day of the week, you can check out my newest youtube video.
3. The subway's been really slow this week, I don't know what's up with it but it's been awful. As you can see in that picture the first train was coming in 1 minute and the one after that in 9, which is crazy because they usually come every 2-3 minutes.
4. My pink converse sneakers (or whatever you call them).

5. Those are all the different tea flavors I have currently at home. I love tea and I'm willing to try every single flavor; I recently got that mint chocolate one and it was delicious!
6. A few L'Oreal products I bought the other day.
7. This is a Harry Potter set they have in stores here right now. I don't even know how expensive it is because it doesn't say on the box, so I'm guessing it's very pricey. It's really cool, but my mom would kill me if I get it lol
8. I just came back from hanging out with my two best friends who I'm friends with since we were little and, as you can see, we got frozen yogurt.



  1. I have the pink converse shoes as well! And we're the same with the seating situation at uni. We all go to the back, haha.

    The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  2. those frozen yogurt look... delicious *___*
    btw nice blog, girl. follwed ya. hope you'll follow back.

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