October 28, 2012

Weekly photos #29

I've been busy with college essays and all of that and I barely have any time to do other things. Well, I don't have time because of that and because I watch too many tv shows and that consumes a lot of my free time. But anyways, here are some pictures from this week:

1. Pomegranates are my favorite fruit I think, and I'm obsessed with them, they're so good!!
2. My friends and I made coffee and one of them drew hearts in them. They look kinda weird there, but it was pretty cute. We just love to hang out and talk since we don't see each other every day as we used to (these friends that I'm talking about are the ones I went to school with when I was younger)
3. My sister and I carved this pumpkin. She did the nose and draw the batman logo and I carved the eyes and the mouth. It looked better than what I was expecting, I'm not gonna lie.
4. See this tiny pumpkin? It's actually chocolate! and it is delicious! :)



  1. Haha, I have pomegranate in this week's 'weekly snapshots' post as well. :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  2. Those coffees look so cute. If I tried that even with a stencil they would come out weird haha, :)

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