August 05, 2012

Weekly photos #17

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting as much lately but I promise I have a lot of posts ready for you guys. Anyway, this week has been pretty fun for me since I've been seeing all of my friends and that makes me happy.

1 & 2. I went to a park here in Madrid called Retiro with my friends. We love to go there because it's a little bit less hot than the rest of the city because of all the trees and plants. We just like to sit on the grass and talk for hours. We also took some pictures.
3. I've been watching the Olympics and basketball games make me so tense. Spain's team is really good in my opinion but there are some moments in which I just want to scream at the tv haha. ps: my cat likes to block my view by laying down on the table. 
4. Salad is my favorite food, I think I've mentioned it a million times already, but still :)

5. Starbucks is my guilty pleasure.
6. Another picture of my cat. She's like my baby and I hold her like one.
7. That's me after filming my July favorites the other day.
8. Tea is another passion of mine. Did I have another picture of iced tea last week?



  1. I really need to visit Madrid on day. It looks so lovely! :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life