August 12, 2012

Weekly photos #18

I'm not at home, again. It seems like I'm going everywhere this summer, even though I'm still in the country. So I don't have many pictures to show you because I've been packing, coming here, and also (I have to admit) I've been a little lazy lately.

Anyway, here are some pictures from my trip:

1 & 3. These are actually from the same outfit. I didn't want to wear the hat on the train but I might go to the beach (so I wanted to take it) and it wouldn't fit in the suitcase. I'm also in love with those 3 bracelets; the cross one is from ASOS and the other two from H&M.
2. I took a train to come to my current location and that's the train station we have in Madrid. Actually there's two of them, but that's the most popular one (and prettier one).
4. This is just the view from the train. Middle-south Spain in the summer time: very self explanatory.

Hopefully I'm going to visit some castles and places over here this week and I can show you that next Sunday, or I might do a whole different post if I find it interesting enough.

Have a nice Sunday!