May 26, 2012

ASOS Jewellery Haul

This post is long over due and I'm really sorry. But I knew I was going to post it eventually, so here it is. I got some money for my birthday (which was may 6th) and I decided to get these things with part of it. I don't remember all of the prices, but the priciest one where the rings and they were only 13€, so yeah...everything here is really inexpensive.

I've seen this bracelet everywhere on here and YouTube and I even had it in my april wishlist, I believe. I finally got it and I'm in love with it. They had it in a bunch of different colors (like pink, black, cream, blue, rose gold) but I decided to get the gold one.

Next I got another gold one. I really am in love with this next one and it's my favorite out of the 3 bracelets that I got. I want to say that I'm catholic, so this is not only a trendy piece; it means a lot more to me. Anyway, it is really pretty and since it's fairly small, looks really cute and classy, in a way.

The last bracelet I got is a little different from the others. It's not as trendy but still, it is really cute. I really like the bow at the end, I feel like it gives a nice touch, something fun and girly at the same time.

Then I got a necklace. I really like short necklaces; it's not that I don't like long ones cause I do, but on a day to day basis I like to wear short ones. I don't know what to say about this one, just that I really like the bow (as you may be able to tell, I really like bows).

And last, but definitely not least, I got these 6 rings. They came together in a pack and I love that you can combine them to make different looks. I only wear 2 together because I feel like 3 would be a lot (even though I might try it sometime, but no more than 3) and I've been getting a lot of compliments on them. I like how you can create a neutral look with the white one, the black one and even the pale pink one, but at the same time you get a few colorful ones.

I made a birthday haul video some weeks ago, I believe, in which I show how all these look on me. If you want to see for comparison or whatever, it is towards the end. So you can skip the rest if you're only interested in these things :)

I hope you liked this post,


  1. I love the studded bracelets and colorful rings, great finds!

  2. Those rings are so nice xx

  3. Gorgeous picks!

    I love the first two bracelets and the colourful rings xx

  4. I wanted to get the first bracelet yesterday, but it's now sold out. Boohoo. :(

    1. yeah...they sell out pretty quickly but they usually restock :)