May 27, 2012

Weekly photos #7

This week's been really boring. I have one week of class left (plus finals) and everything's crazy with papers due and all of that stuff. That's why I haven't done anything exciting this week and won't probably do anything exciting the next few ones either. Anyway, here are some pictures:

1. I cleaned some of my brushes. I usually procrastinate a lot on that (and so many more things) but since I didn't have to clean all of them, I did it pretty quickly.
2. This is just a picture of me in one of the restrooms in my college. Yeah, the door is pink. Every floor in the building has a different color and my floor this year has been pink, which was something exciting for me haha.
3. It's almost summer, and that means it's time to eat gazpacho, which is kind of like a cold tomato and cucumber soup we make in Spain. I love it :)
4. And of course, I had to take a picture of something "study" related. Pretty boring, but that's how my week was.

I hope you had a little more fun than I did :)


1 comment:

  1. I'm hating all the studying right now. I can't wait for the exam month to be over!