June 26, 2012

Summer Haul

I want to show you a few things I got over these past 2 weeks, but first of all I'm going to show you the bag I got at Zara that I said I was going to show a long time ago.

I love this bag so much! I think the studs make it even better.

You can also wear it with the sides sticking out, but I think that looks weird (even though that's how they had it in the store).

Now that I've showed you that, let's keep going with what I got recently. From Lefties:

 You guys know I love bows!

  This is a cool top because it has neon pink and I also love the flamingos kind of fading color.

I've been looking for a dress like this for a long time and I'm so happy I found it

Then from Stradivarius I got this denim jacket
And also a wallet that has a ton of space 

Then I went to Blanco and got 2 things. First I got this clutch that I'm using as a laptop case for my 11" one

And second, this orange/coral flowy top 

Last but not least I went to Kiko because my sister wanted a nail polish but I saw this and had to get it, just so I could show it to you guys. I thought it was pretty close to Chanel's Peridot, and I'm going to be doing a nail of the day so you can see. Keep in mind that it was 3.5€ instead of the 25€ that Chanel nail polishes cost.



  1. Pretty haul!
    the bag looks so pretty :)
    also i'm intrigued how the nail polish looks like on the nails!
    (i also prefer the cheap and nice products)

    xx ines from

    1. thank you!
      I'm going to have a nail post in a few days so you can see what it actually looks like on :)

  2. I love the bow belt! It's adorable!