June 15, 2012

Pink Swoon by MAC: review + swatch

I have another MAC blush review for all you you today. I love blush and I feel like I can never have enough (I actually don't have that many) because they're all so unique and different, even if the difference is really small.

This blush is Pink Swoon by MAC and I would say it's a perfect pink color for your cheeks.

MAC blushes are really amazing quality and I recommend them to all of you. Just go to your MAC store or counter and swatch a bunch of them, because they are really pretty.

They are a bit expensive if you think about it (prices are different in every country but I believe it cost me around 20€) but totally worth the money. As you can see the package is really good. Little story here: I held this blush in one hand and my NYX creme blush, which looks really similar, on the other hand and that's when I really noticed the difference. This one is more heavy and the material feels nicer. You may think it's kind of stupid but I think it's important.

The color looks brighter in the package than it does once it's swatched or on your cheeks. When you apply it, it looks light pink instead of a really colorful, bright pink.

Here are two swatches on my arm so you get the idea of the color it would have once you apply it on your skin.



  1. I love this shade, its so pretty x

  2. Looks great - like it would completely blend into your cheeks, leaving just a rosy glow. I've not got any MAC products yet because of the price, but I really want to branch out!



  3. Such a pretty girly shade :) I don't own any MAC blushes, I love their eyeshadows and lipsticks - will have to try one! x

  4. That is such a cute colour. I love my MAC blushes. They last for absolutely ages, which is great. Even wearing them everyday they last for well... basically years! xo