June 08, 2012

Launch Away! by MAC: review + swatch

I went to MAC the other day because I wanted to get this blush. I've been seeing the Hey Sailor! collection all around blogger and youtube and I wanted to get something so I went online to see what they had and loved everything! So that was a problem, but when I went to the actual store, I fell in love with this blush.

 First of all, the packaging is really cute, and that's always nice when you're trying to see what you like; and it goes pretty well with the sailor theme of the collection.

I'd say the color of the blush is a light peach. It really is light and it's also kind of sheer, so you actually have to apply quite a bit of product to see its real color. Even though, when you're wearing it, it can look light pink.

Here's a swatch on my arm. As you can tell it's really hard to see but it gives my face a nice glow. It might look better on darker skin tones because it would stand out more.

Did you get anything from this collection?


  1. looks pretty ! and the effect on the skin is not so intense!

    great review:)

  2. that colour is gorgeous and so natural xxx

  3. Wow this blush looks gorgeous, and I love the packaging. I had to be good and stop myself from buying a couple of products from the collection.