June 02, 2012

May 2012 Favorites!

I don't have to go to class anymore!!! (well, I have to take my finals, but you know what I mean). That's the most exciting thing of the month. I have waking up early, going to class, getting bored in class, regretting going to class, being tired all day, and repeating that same thing every single day. My last final is june 22nd, so that's still pretty far away but since I can sleep in, it's all better.

Okay, so let's go ahead and see what my favorites this month have been:

Urban Decay "all nighter" spray: This is a make up setting spray and I feel like it works wonders now that it's summer. I didn't really feel that it did that much in winter (although I used it every day) but now that it's getting really warm I do feel the difference.
DKNY Red Delicious perfume: This perfume smells really fresh and it has that apple hint that all DKNY Delicious perfumes have, although it's not as strong as the green one.

NYX Jumbo Eye pencils in "milk" and "yogurt": I use these two as a base for my eye shadow and they make the color on top look better. Even if I wear these I still use a primer because I feel like it lasts longer.

Milani eyeshadow quad in "desert suades": I've been loving the lightest color that looks like a highlight, but I've been wearing it a lot all over my lid, on top of the "milk" jumbo pencil. I also love the pink-ish one.

MAC mineralize eyeshadow in "snow season": I've been loving it on top of the "yogurt" jumbo pencil because I feel like they're a perfect match. You've probably seen me talking bout this eyeshadow before, but really it's one of my favorites of all time, and I've been wearing it a lot this month.

Maybelline lipstick in "162 feel pink": I love this color so much because it's pink but it's a little dark at the same time. Not very dark but you can definitely see the color from far away.

NYX blush in "peach": this color is really light and I love that because my skin is really light as well. If you have fair skin I really recommend this blush, but if you're skin is darker it might not look as nice.

Rings from ASOS: I've been obsessed with these ever since I got them. I've been wearing them like crazy and I don't think I'm going to stop doing it in june.

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  1. I love the favourites, always been tempted by the UD spray! I love the lipstick - so pretty.